Motorack Magazine Design

The latest assignment from college was to design a magazine from scratch. Everything from the layout to the design of the magazine and the articles in it were to be conceptualised by each student and we had to produce a final outcome of the same.

Now this does take a toll on one because as a student you have so many likes and hobbies that it becomes almost impossible to decide as to what your magazine should be about. 

But, nevertheless I knew what I was going to do.

I LOVE BIKES, yeah like any other guy I too am mad about bikes. I love riding, reading about them and also getting on my hands on the best two wheeled drives I can. Hope to own an R1 someday.

So, after deciding what i’m going to make my magazine about I made the following.

The cover story is a comparative article of three super bikes. Other articles include the new upcoming bikes in India for the year 2014, also a crazy pure biker dream trip from Goa to Germany.

Have a look 🙂


The Cover Page


Ad & Page 1

  • Advertisement courtesy – SHOEI print ad 
  • Letter from the Editor, Disclaimer


Pages 2 & 3

  • Contents
  • Suzuki Intruder 2014 Print Ad



Pages 4 & 5

  • Article 1 – Cover Story: Part 1


Pages 6 & 7

  • Article 1 – Cover Story: Part II


Pages 8 & 9

Article 1 – Cover Story: Part III


Pages 10 & 11

  • Article 2 – Action Packed 2014 (coverage of all the new bikes launched at the auto expo that would hit the indian roads some time this year)


Pages 12 & 13

  • Article 2 – Continue
  • SHOEI Print Ad


Pages 14 & 15

Article 3 – Story: Bike Trippin! (Covering a dream bike journey full of adventure)


Pages 16 & 17

  • Article 3 – Story: Bike Trippin! continued..
  • Article 4 – Story: Yamah YZF R6 Detail report


Pages 18 & 19

  • Article 4 – Story: Yamaha R6 continued…
  • Article 5 – Story: Triumph Storm entry in the Indian market


Pages 20 & 21

  • Article 5 – Story: Triumph Storm continued..
  • Advertisement Page





Thank you for your time, I hope you liked the design and layout of the magazines.

I’m all open to suggestions and even more to criticisms about the design and layout, It just helps me learn better. So, please go ahead and pen down your thoughts.

Thank you.



Interesting? Please do leave a comment :)

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