That Feel

Every now and then

There’s a whiff of fresh air

An exhilarating experience in life

You learn, you share and you care


Its nothing that you would have experienced before

Forever a special bond you know and always want more


Opulence of riches all types

Inadequacy of sadness and fright

Prospects of marvellous delights

Uncertainty of grief and strife


An awareness of the life’s bountifulness in its entirety

Ignorance of woe, a complete sense of serendipity


It’s a feeling of analogus happy emotions

Setting the due course of all things in motion

An actuality of culminating beauty

Away from your past days of tiring duty


A quiet and gentle touch, yet magnificently storming

an act of kindness and love, unconditionally heart warming


Raising prodigious heights of expectations

Stirring the heart on countless occasions

Quietening it too after a ghastly thunder

Letting it feel like an experience and less a blunder


Abounding in eagerness and vulnerability galore

Constant uprising of constriction, feelings uproar


It lasts for a while or mostly time flies

For few chosen its constant for a lifetime

But If it does what it does best

It leaves a deep furrow deep down the chest


It’s magical to see all of that which irrevocably blossoms

Thats a consequence of perseverance, overlooking the problem


There are many that stay, many stray away

Its not quite easy to love and still make way

Probably its just a phrase, something that people say

But you’ve got to be that needle they found in a stack of hay


The integrity of the devotion

Is a stronghold in every situation

the complete true scene unveiled

Life’s story wrapped up in a movie reel


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