Hi everyone!

This is the second post that I have put up as the internship challenge that i posted previously. Hope you like it.





You say that you only live once

Yet your chances of being what you can be

Are as good as none!


Life was never intended to be a chance, 

It was to be a journey for your state to enhance

You live in a nutshell of preconceived notions

“I’m just this way” is your everyday emotion


Let yourself free, get a life now breathe!

Get up dust yourself of every myth on which you feed

You call this routine life something that you dearly need

Think again terminator, Its a cycle of never ending greed


You would use a cool hashtag to swag up your status

But don’t tell me thats not cuz that crap is famous

Your profile determines how cool you are?

May be a reality check could take you way far


Procrastination has killed a lot of dreams

Maybe its because you were too stuck with that theme?

Being up all night trying to get your boring work done right

Thats not life my friend, thats not even worth a fight.


Its time to rise and shine, I guess you’ve heard that a lot

Maybe it would work if you took your reticence and shoved it down the pot

Maybe get out there and show the world what you could become

At least you won’t be machine with a face that reads glum


Live it up every moment, every day like you would

It would hardly matter if you aren’t  an inferno in the hood

Let everyone who’s see’s you know that your’e a free man

Its a sigh of relief that not everyones dumb in our clan


Live it up once, live it up twice

If GOD be gracious maybe you could go thrice

But don’t live a life of continuous denials

Wondering if you ever had a some other opportunity down that aisle


Live free! Live in the moment of what was tailor made for you.

Its the best thing to do, because no can play you better than you yourself.


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