Live Life What?




Look at you, looking over
Now that I got your attention
Why don’t you pull yourself closer

You’re staring at this screen
You probably think i’l make some sense
But three lines down this write up
You’re going to leave cuz it’s too intense

I wonder if you’re thinking what a waste this is
reflecting on a mindset thats not your’s but his
I’d say take a moment, just sit back and think
Are you living it all up or is there a monotonous stink?

You’re just about to shut it, maybe shift away
And not proceed any further cuz this crap’s turning grey
Pull back a few inches look at that face in the screen
Haven’t seen you two together, any idea where that one’s been?

Oh I know you’ve been out there killing yourself to earn
Wasn’t it right after your dad paid his fortune for you to learn?
Now you’re doing what you think you were always supposed to do
You are aware of the world, but who the heck are you?

You let your inner desires die, don’t give em’ a second try
Maybe if you did you wouldn’t sit nights together and cry
You were a kid you knew you had to live! live! live!
But all you hear now is the world saying Give! Give!! Give!!!

You work a 9 to 5, you’ve cracked the code to insanity
You’re daily dose of high is the world speaking profanity
That simple man in you died a tragic death
When you took the first step of bowing to materialistic inhumanity

Ah… I know I am extreme, I hardly weigh my words, 
But come at me if you will, thats after you’ve figured yourself out first
Live free, let go, forgive, love and let be, be the change you want to see
You know all that, but ask yourself this, how do I do it if don’t even know me.

Life is too short to regret every thing that holds you down
You’ve got to pack your bags and get out of tension town
No matter how great you are, you’ve got a kid in you
That kids got to run free, you both got to be one, you can’t run as two

I may not be someone who can alter your life’s decisions. Not even be that guy who can ask you to change your plans for evening. But we all know deep down in our hearts we all want something more from life. We constrain ourselves into time and money decisions, a second thought of how good it would feel has always been a pending one. We all have some burden, we need to carry always. But there’s only a few who can lay it off responsibly and still not run the rat race.


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