Imagine a life without love

That incredible feeling people talk of

The climax of emotional tangibility

Epitome of genuine empathy


Never would we survive

Cuz the heart wants what it wants

And it is of course the one that thrives


HE may be the vigor

An unimpeachable source of steadfastness

But SHE’s the one who was made to love

To care and to protect GODs handiwork thereof


Her smile that fades stress away

The laugh that keeps troubles at bay

Those eyes that shine brighter than the stars

The lips glistening happiness throughout the day


The depth in her eyes, the feel of her touch

The fragrance of her body & her gentle lil smudge

The innocence in her cry, the colour of her eyes

They’re enough to forget all of life’s low’s and high’s


Gentleness and warmth are her treasures galore

Patience as a virtue has abundance too

She completes you, what can you ask more

You’re just dry grass and she’s the much needed dew


Her actions everyday are grace defined

She’s still a winner with walls confined

A hug and kiss they make her day

A strong hand to hold, and she forgets what her problems weigh


She knows what you’re thinking,

And she knows what you wouldn’t 

She may be just the half of you

But she’s known to do what you couldn’t


Her eyes always talk the language of love

She as a part of you was decided in heavens above

It is her hug that makes you stronger

Her belief in you that makes you stick longer


She’s a mother, a sister, a friend …. maybe more

But she’s a person at first, a woman before!


The journey from a cute little girl child to a wonderful teenager, a beautiful youth and a poise and elegant woman, it isn’t easy. They know that already, but that does not make any difference whatsoever to the ever so fascinating women of this world. This is dedicated to all the wonderful women out there in every walk of life doing what they do best – Amaze us!

A woman is the ultimate expression of beauty, poise, elegance, sensuality and what not. Wouldn’t that be the reason as to why we as men express our most sincere form of love to them? 

  • John Tushar

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