Hi Everybody 🙂 I know I am new here and do not have many members or followers here..But I do have to say that I am competing for a dream internship to travel around my beloved country. For the same, I have uploaded two poems that I have worked on as a status on Facebook (it is an absolute requirement). These poems are also posted here on my blog. If you like any of them I would be extremely grateful if you followed up to my Facebook profile and like them there too. It will be a mighty help 🙂 Thank you all. Hope you like them.



What is it that keeps you going

Your heart pumping and your blood flowing

It is that trip you made you know,

from the depth of the seas, through sand and the snow


Life is a journey most of ’em say

Then how come by the end of it you’re fray

Cuz last I checked experience made you wiser

Imagination wilder & complications deciphered


Its serenity to the gentle soul

To the inquisitively daring a life whole

Exhilaration to the adventure junkie

Travelling is undoubtedly an art spunky


A sense of something new prevails

Every past thing eventually dazed

It isn’t about where you were from

Its about the feeling when you were so long gone


Reconnecting you to yourself

That trip made your inner self well

An attempt earlier surely you did make

but it was this that your path paved


You aren’t made for a routine

You were never to be a slogging machine 

You owe certain moments what they deserve 

Those things in life are what you preserve


Every great story had something unique

Every life lesson has something to teach

They both have in common something you see

The life in there was independent and free!


Life gives you lemons, because you never travel the road less taken. Safe is always the way out. For once, let your inhibitions take the side seat, grab your fear of the unknown by the neck, throttle the excuses out of that narrow one track mind and lose yourself in the beauty of the expression that lies in travelling. Nothing can be promised, but no one said lemons can’t change to melons 🙂 Living in the moment should not just be a frame of mind, It should be the state of your kind! 




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